Mitramandal Bengaluru

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  1. Which different memberships are available with Mitramandal?

    Mitramandal has following three memberships available.

    1. Annual Membership: Rs. 750/- (वार्षिक सभासदत्व: ७५०/- रुपये प्रति कुटुंब)

    2. Life Membership: Rs. 7500/- (अाजीवन सभासदत्व: ७५००/- रुपये प्रति कुटुंब)

  2. Why should I become member? What are the benefits?

    Mitramandal membership connects you to hundreds of Marathi families in Bengaluru. Mitramandal membership gives you access to cultural programs, marathi dramas, family & festival celebrations.


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Library Related

  1. What are fees for Library membership?

    The fees for Library membership are as follows.


    Annual subscription:

    Rs 750/- For Mitramandal Members

    Rs 1000/ For Non Members


    6 months subscription:

    Rs 400/- For Mitramandal Members

    Rs 600/- For Non Members


    Deposit: Rs 1000/- 

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