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GenY (युवा)

Preparing for Medical Entrances
By Archana Sasi

First and foremost, preparing for medical entrances means two years of dedication and hard work. Intelligence is not as vital in studying for it as much as it is for planning how to study for it. With the coming of NEET, the whole country now has to learn from the same textbooks and the same guidelines can apply. Here I give you a few tips based on

my own experience.

The most important books in 11th and 12th standards are your NCERT textbooks. The better you know them, the exponentially higher chance you have of getting a good rank. This applies most of all to Biology, where you find questions taken line-by-line from the most unexpected parts of your books. Before you spend too much time reading many other reference books, know your NCERT word by word, both diagrams and text. Good reference books such as MTG may be used for Bio. Regarding your NCERT,  the same applies to chemistry for inorganic, organic and the theory parts of physical chemistry. For physics and the numerical parts of physical chemistry, the most important thing is practising numericals from all the sources you can find. Usually, the pattern of problems never changes and practice can greatly improve your speed. Practice chapterwise MCQs from different sources as and when you finish reading a chapter and refer to correct yourself each time you go wrong.

Once you are complete with your portions, work out past question papers. Questions are often repeated from past papers in medical entrances. This should be done not just from the papers of the exams you are writing now such as NEET or AIIMS but also for past papers from various state PMTs and any other entrance exam papers you can get your hands on. In case of AIIMS, do not worry too much or work excessively for the GK portion and give most stress to your core subjects. After solving all the questions, identify your weak areas and correct them. If you can, enroll yourself for a well-known and reliable all india test series to get an idea where you stand.  Never leave out studying for entrances for the end of the year when busy with school portions but find a way to balance the two.

Keep your cool and don’t stress yourself too much. 

Best of luck!

About Archana Sasi

Archana Sasi did her 12th from National Public school. She got 2nd highest in south zone in CBSE board exam with 100% in Math’s & 99% in biology. She is NTSE & KVPY Scholar & was first in Karnataka for NTSE in 8th std. She got first rank in Karnataka for CET & COMED-K medical entrance. She obtained All India first rank in Manipal, JIPMER & AIIMS entrances. She finished All India 7 th in AIPMT. 


Archana is currently pursuing MBBS at AIIMS.


Apart from this she learns classical music & is interested in creative writing. She is in the editorial team of AIIMS in house magazine.


Archana’s  father is Mr. P Sasi is a vice-president with Total Gas and mother Dr Jyoti an ophthalmologist from Bangalore.

Congratulations (अभिनंदन)

Congratulations to all the Mitramandal children for winning entries at Lalithkala Centre for Visual Art. All children received guidance from Neena Vaishampayan.

Winning Paintings (िचत्रकला)

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  • Purva Gokhale - 7th Std - Silver Medal
    Purva Gokhale - 7th Std - Silver Medal
  • Sampada Zende - 5th Std - Bronze Medal
    Sampada Zende - 5th Std - Bronze Medal
  • Shivangi Akotkar - 5t Std - Silver Medal
    Shivangi Akotkar - 5t Std - Silver Medal
  • Vaishnavi Nande - 1st Std - Silver Medal
    Vaishnavi Nande - 1st Std - Silver Medal
Purva Gokhale - 7th Std - Silver Medal
Purva Gokhale - 7th Std - Silver Medal

We Say (सूर अाजचा)

The Difference between them and I

By Nikhil Bhade

Like me you would have heard it all the time in the news - They’ve done it again and we just remain awestruck and dumbfounded by how they did it. The sheer will to think outside the box and give their ideas such that the common man is benefited and just smiles and criticizes his own luck. Take for example ‘Appro’ JRD Tata. How did he make the miracle called Air India work? God knows. Now let’s look at the iCON of our era – Steven Paul Jobs. Who would have thought that tablet computing would be the next stage of computing? Simple, straightforward yet unique. The iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. are devices, which are so popular that not having one of them would infer that you are not in sync with today’s awesome devices. But the thing that intrigues the most of these men is that they have found their destiny. I too want to find my destiny. Perhaps I am doing it by writing this essay hoping to entertain you?

7 Must-Haves In Every Girls Wardrobe
By Nupur Bhade

Wrap Dress

Universally flattering, a wrap dress belongs in every short woman's wardrobe, which is the reason that the wrap dress is on my list. If you have only one dress, pick a wrap dress. The surplice styling and the V-neckline are both flattering features for petites.

White Button Down Shirt

It's a fashion basic--the white button-down shirt--because it goes with just about anything, and so it makes a good mix-and-match piece that's timeless. To get the most fashion mileage from a white button-down shirt, choose one with classic styling: pointed collar, long sleeves, button-down front, and cotton or cotton blend fabric.


An important benefit of the camisole is that you can find shapewear in cami styles, so the camisole can do double fashion duty. It's not necessary to try to find a camisole that's made especially for petites because the extra length won't make too much difference for this type of garment, and a camisole can be shortened easily if necessary.

T-shirt/Tank Top

A tank or t-shirt functions as a casual basic, which can be paired with jeans or a simple skirt. Choose a tank or t-shirt with a V-neckline, which helps petites look taller. For casual wear, choose a tank or t-shirt of cotton or cotton blend knit, and if you want a dressier look, choose a tank or tee of luxurious silk or cashmere.

Cardigan Sweater

A cardigan sweater makes a good take-along whenever you may need a light topper whether it's in a frigid, overly air-conditioned restaurant or in the office where someone else has control of the thermostat. The best style of cardigan sweater for petites is long-sleeved and lightweight. It falls to the hip and has either a V-neckline or a jewel neckline that can be folded under diagonally to form a V. The best length for a cardigan that a short woman wears is to the hip. Avoid bulky, chunky knits for the slimmest appearance.

A-line skirt

An A-line skirt flatters women with many figure types, and especially those who have hourglass and triangle-shaped figures because an A-line skirt skims over the hips. Choose a skirt in a dark neutral for a basic wardrobe builder that you can mix and match with other essential pieces, go trendy with a pretty floral print, or enhance your wardrobe with a bright primary color.

Straight-leg jeans

Straight-leg, dark wash jeans make the best appearance for most petites. You can tell whether or not jeans have a straight leg by simply folding the leg of the jean, bringing the hem up to the knee. If the jeans have a straight leg, the width will be the same. It's a good idea to avoid skinny jeans (unless you are a tiny size) and light-colored jeans because they can make petites look bigger and shorter.

The World Olympics: More Than Just Sports
By Ameya Bongale

“Citius, Altius and Fortius” – no other words epitomize the greatest sporting spectacle of the world that are the World Olympics. Meaning “Faster, Higher and Stronger” these words describe in a nutshell what the Olympics are all about. Every once in 4 years the best athletes from all over the world gather to compete and prove to the world that they are indeed “faster, higher and stronger” that the others ,in search of the elusive coveted gold medal.

The Olympics of today are only but a slight representation of the inaugural Olympics held in Greece .Over the ages, with advent of technology and the communication the Olympics have undergone a tectonic change in the way that they are held and organized. Over the course of evolution of the Olympics many sports have been added into the games and some even eliminated .The Olympics of today are as much about the sports as the finances and the efforts in terms of development and infrastructure that are put in by the host nation(s).The cash flow and the funding required to host a successful Olympics are mind-bogglingly high. However, the Olympics provide a chance to the host nation to show off its development, culture to the world like no other event .A successfully hosted Olympics may mean a lot of the expense of the nation’s treasury but at the same time it assures you the respect of all the nations of the world. The greatness of a nation is quite easily judged by the way they host the Olympics.

This year, London was given the responsibility of hosting the 2012 World Olympics which, in my opinion, it pulled of spectacular well. After an entertaining opening ceremony, complete with its dash of theatrics, dance, color, pyrotechnics and even some humor, it was the chance of the athletes to take center stage and enthrall the world. Whether it is the track and field events, the swimming events, the athletics, the gymnastics, any and every event was awe-inspiring and entertaining. One cannot but acknowledge the hard work and focus of these athletes who spend every day working pushing themselves to represent the country at these coveted games. The winners aside, almost every athlete has an inspiring story of dedication and hard work. A medal at the games transcends just the “gold, silver or bronze” tag attached to it, into a great moment that can truly galvanize a nation irrespective of the religious, caste, creed into celebrating the achievement of the athlete. The Olympics are also a great chance for the world to come together irrespective of the cultural, political, and economic and celebrate sporting talent. This one aspect is of even more significance in today’s world, where terrorism and economic crisis make the headlines more often that they should. The Olympics are a great stage for people of different ethnicities and cultures to interact and break negative stereotypes, promote peace and brotherhood.

In conclusion, the Olympics according to me are not just another sporting event held once every once in four years , but a chance to come together as a one world, one planet. Every Olympics have their share of stories of triumph and stories of heartbreak, tears of happiness and tears of sorrow, but as I watched the Olympics I realized that an important life lessons is to be learnt from them, to never give up, to work hard and be true to yourself. As the great sprinter Jesse Owens once said during the controversial Berlin Olympics of 1936,”I wanted no part of the politics. And I wasn’t in berlin to compete against any one athlete. The purpose of the Olympics anyways, was to do your best. To fight the struggles within yourself. The invisible inevitable battles inside all of us. The only victory that counts is one over yourself.