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Quiz (कोडे)

September 2013
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1.  Which country pioneered adopting alcohol based petrol as a fuel for automobiles?
 2.  Which Indian politician led a padayatra from Hiroshima to Nagasaki?
 3.  Which country got its independence from USA on 4th July 1946?
 4.  Which Indian feature film did Nelson Mandela promote on South African national television in mid 90s?
 5.  By which name do we better know Sorghum and Pearl Millet?
 6.  Which word from our national anthem was the supreme court requested to delete by a petitioner in 2005?
 7.  Which wildlife sanctuary in India is located in the Cardamom Hills?
 8.  Which language has given us the word Karaoke, meaning empty orchestra?
July 2013 
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1.  Which Indian monument houses the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier", also known as Amar Jawan Jyoti?
2.  Developed by the Indian Government, the logo of which project is red half thumbprint surrounded by yellow sun rays?
 3.  Po is the longest river of which country?
 4.  Which Indian planetarium displays the spacecraft that carried Indian cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma into space?
 5.  Who was the vice-captain of the Indian team which won the 1983 Prudential World Cup?
 6.  Who developed the logarithmic tables in 1614 which simplified arithmetic calculations?
 7.  Hassan Rouhani is the new president of which country?
 8.  Which sporting event was once called the Empire Games?
August 2013
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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 2.  Which world leader travelled in 2012 to Oslo to personally accept a Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded 21 years earlier?
 3.  This freedom fighter started the organisation Khudai Khidmatgars (Servents of God) and was also called Frontier Gandhi.  Name him.
 4.  In Hindu mythology, rivers (e.g Ganga) have female identities. Which is the only major male river?
 5.  In Formula One Racing what does a checkered flag indicate?
 6.  This Bollywood actor had initially agreed to play the role of Gabbar Singh in Sholay, but later backed out. Which actor was it?
 7.  This famous speech begins: "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears".  Who gives this speech and in which play does it appear?
 8.  Name the latest addition to the British Royal family.
May 2013 
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1. Which was the first car to be assembled in India in 1946?
 2. Who was the architect of Chandigarh?
 3. What is the surface of the moon known as?
 4. The currency of which country is the Won?
 5. Who succeeded Ratan Tata as the Chairman of Tata Sons?
 6. If cricketers use bats, what do polo players use?
  7. Which twenty eight mile long structure was initiated on 13 Aug 1961 and destroyed on 10 Nov 1989?
  8. The "Star of Africa" and "The Hope" are famous examples of what?
June 2013 
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1.  Which is the only national flag in the world that is not rectangular or a square?
 2.  Who invented the computer floppy disk?
 3.  Expand IAEA.
 4.  The 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to this person of Indian origin for his work on the structure of Ribosome. Who?
 5.  From which planet does the character Spock in Star Trek come?
 6.  How do we better know the building "Amba Vilas"?
 7.  What does the date 08.08.08, and the time 08:08:08 pm mark?
 8.  Olympus Mons is the highest known mountain in the solar system.  Where is it located?
March 2013 
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1. Which is the largest construction made by living beings off the eastern coast of Australia?
 2. What weapon does the statue "Oscar" of the Academy Awards fame hold?
 3. What did All India Radio start to counter the popularity of Binaca Geet Mala of Radio Ceylon?
 4. Which company's logo is based on the legend of a cat having nine lives?
 5. Parts of which James Bond film featuring Roger Moore were shot in Udaipur?
 6. Which two oceans meet at the Cape of Good Hope?
 7. Name the song for which Bombay Jayashree got an Oscar nomination.
 8. Who recently became the first man to win three Australian Open singles titles in the Open Era?
April 2013 
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1.  Which company has its origin as Herman Hollerith's Tabulating Machine Company in 1896?
 2.  Which musical instrument does former President of India Abdul Kalam play?
 3.  M. S. Dhoni recently became the most successful test cricket captian for India.  Whose record did he beat?
 4.  Which famous sport equipment manufacturer is named after the Greek goddess of victory?
 5.  Who is the person responsible for creating the new symbol for the Indian Rupee adopted in 2010?
 6.  Who was the first Indian to win a Nobel Prize?
 7.  If Arachnophobia is the fear of spider, what is Acrophobia?
 8.  With which sport would you associate Roland Garros?
February 2013 
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1. What is the collective name for the alloys of mercury? 
2. This former president of Nasscom is largely credidted for the rise of India's software industry and died in Sydney in 2001. Who? 
3. In Bangalore it was earlier called South Parade.  What is it called today?  
4. In the words Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, what does "saurus" mean? 
5. Which magazine's logo is Pegasus, the winged horse?
6. On which Hollywood movie was the Hindi movie "Parichay" based? 
7. Which web site was started by ex-India Today staffer Tarun Tejpal and is known for its sting operations?
8. Which musical instrument does former US Presdient Bill Clinton play?
January 2013 
Questions (प्रश्ण) 
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1. What did Jonas E Salk developed?
 2. This food item was patented in1830 and called 'The Dr Miles Compound Extract of Tomato'. Name it.
 3. Althea Gibson was the first African-American woman to win a Grand Slam tournament. Who was the second?
 4. What is the Japanese art of ornamental flower arrangement called?
 5. Which wireless technology is named after a medieval European king?
 6. What is the name given to the form of run out in cricket, where the bowler runs out the runner while coming in to bowl? It is named after an Indian cricketer.
 7. Which movie by Sai Paranjpe is loosely based on the Mangeshkar sisters?
 8. In the Olympic Games, which is the last country to come in opening ceremony march past?